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Mold damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. The pictures with a ceiling fan were taken in a home that wasn't even flooded.
Photos by Infrogmation and used under the GNU Free Documentation License.
Hallway of flood damaged home in Navarre neighborhood, with large blooms of toxic mold on walls. Mold sprouted from minor storm leaks in bedroom of an unflooded home. Dining room of flood damaged home in Navarre neighborhood by West End, with homeowner in protective gear while salvaging some possessions. Notice flood line on curtains and mold growing on walls. Flood damaged West End neighborhood : Interior of church pews rearranged by flood waters. Note high water lines on wall and mold on ceiling. Mold in flood damaged home in Navarre section of the Lakeview/West End neighborhood, with homeowner in protective gear while salvaging some possessions. Mold infestations in bedroom of home in Carrollton neighborhood. House did not flood and had minor exterior damage, but small leaks during the storm plus being vacant for weeks resulted in homeowners returning to this scene.

Kill That "Musty" Smell In Your Car

Everyone loves his or her car, especially while it still has that new-car smell. Once that wears off, all sorts of other odors develop. Tobacco smoke, spilled food, road kill, gasoline, smog, and mildew from the air conditioning system all contribute to a not pleasant and not so healthy automotive environment.

We all use car washes, one a month, even once a week. The better car washes also now offer auto detailing. You schedule an appointment to drop off your vehicle. They totally clean it inside and out, hand wax, buff, vacuum, wash the mats, and deodorize.

We have thousands of friends in the car detailing business. We know them because they use our ozone generators to deodorize the cars.

They became our friends when they discovered how much profit the PRO-4 or the PRO-8 they purchased from us is making them. They also know we'll keep it working for them for as long as they own the machines.

Deodorizing with ozone is an excellent service to offer. I highly recommend you try it. Your car will have the same fresh clean smell that follows a thunderstorm. It really does a great job and it is an inexpensive way to introduce yourself to the power of ozone.

They charge varying amounts for this deodorizing service- $30 - $60 - even $100, depending on the locale, clientele, severity, and the size of the machines they use. It's a fair price for a great smelling car. It is becoming one of their most popular services and best of all, the ozone generators they use probably paid for themselves in the first week.

To them Ozone generator is another word for Money.

New and used car dealers also find our ozone generators to be well worth their investment. When they accept a trade in, or purchase used cars at auction, dealers have found adding an ozone treatment to their reconditioning protocol, really pays off.

Cars that were previously owned by smokers or pet owners are becoming impossible to resell until those odors have been eliminated.

ISo glad I decided to purchase

So glad I decided to purchase the FM-1 ozone machine. I bought my daughter a used car in June. It had belonged to a smoker and the dealership had sprayed something even more horrible smelling to try to mask the smoke odor.

I had the upholstery cleaned and replaced the floor mats. It only helped a little.

I did research on the internet and found Jenesco. Have used the >FM-1 twice inside the car for a few hours at a time. It now smells fresh and clean all the time. I'll continue to use the machine periodically to keep it fresh smelling. Thanks for a great product that actually performs as promised.”

Christine Willis

Once the ozone does its job, it can mean $1000's in added resale value.

You might want to consider this when it is time to trade your automobile. A good ozone treatment could significantly increase your trade in value.

Your car is an extension of your home. The difference is that your car travels. It travels past the factory with the big smokestack, or past the dairy farm, or gets stuck in an exhaust-filled traffic jam. You open and close the windows and doors to let in people, odors, pollution and smog.

That burger you got at the drive-through was good, the extra onions made it great! But, you can't say the same for the odor that still lingers in the car a few days later. Eventually you get into the car and are so used to the odors that you don't even notice them anymore.

You get used to it - but other people still smell the stink!

You want your car to look and smell its best at all times so you really only have three options:

  • Never eat, drink, or smoke in your car
  • Repeatedly pay out good money to have your car detailed by a professional
  • Eliminate the odors yourself!

The best way to rid your car of odors and mustiness is to treat it with an ozone generator.

DC12 Ozone GeneratorThe DC-12 is an inexpensive choice - it even comes with a car adapter. The low output is safe enough to use while you are driving. It is great for taxies also.

Regular use can rid your car of all of those nasty odors from smoking, eating, drinking, and smog.

An even better choice is to use what the Pros use.

The PRO-4 is ideal for removing smell in automobiles, limousines, buses, airplanes, recreational vehicles, rental cars, vans, boats...

PRO-4 Ozone GeneratorWinter brings rain and snow. The ensuing dampness can cause mold and mildew to show up when the warm weather returns. Some types of mold are hazardous to our health and removing them from your car is vital.

The PRO-4 will eliminate just about any odor found in the family cars and it's easy to operate. Set the ozone generator on the dashboard. Power it up with an extension cord connected to regular house current. Close the doors and windows and turn it on.

If you like, just set the timer and let it run for a few hours while you sleep so you can wake up to a clean smelling automobile and get your day off to a great start. If the odor is in the trunk, set the ozone generator in there and lower the trunk lid. Give it an hour or two and it will be fresh as new.